Transform Your Business with Video Recognition and Computer Vision AI Technology

Just by interacting with a particular visual, AIQ’s Video and Image Recognition Technology is able to connect offline media to an online interactive platform. We are able to offer companies and brands more personalised customer interactions along with more streamlined processes when it comes to business dealings with our optional chatbot service offering.

The Point-Capture-Interact Approach

With three simple steps “Point, Capture and Interact”, our Video and Image Recognition Technology will scan and interact with a particular video or image. With that, businesses can allow customers to connect their physical media to a digital platform (P2D). This gives hope of engaging a larger target audience and serves as a call-for-action marketing tool to generate leads and drive conversions.

Point & Capture

Have your offline visuals come alive through Video and Image Recognition Technology


Drive conversions through seamless connection between physical media and the digital platform


Collate and analyse real-time data to gauge effectiveness of physical-to-digital (P2D) campaign

Powered by Proprietary Visual Recognition Technology

AIQ’s Video and Image Recognition Technology is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and allows for instantaneous processing of videos and images, even if only 30 per cent of the video or image is captured.

Our Clients

Our Clients

Our Clients

About AIQ

Founded in 2014, AIQ Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based software company with its proprietary Video Recognition and Computer Vision AI Technology. AIQ offers a multi-channel solution which bridges the offline to online (O2O) gap by integrating customer interactions. This integration take place through just a single scan of their smartphones.

Our Board of Directors comprises experienced professionals from the financial, media, mobile-tech and travel industries.  AIQ Pte Ltd is also the majority owner of a tech-themed co-working space, The Carrot Patch, where the AIQ office is located.


About Our Technology

AIQ’s technology offers a multi-channel solution that is set to revitalise the traditional media landscape.  With our solutions, brands, businesses and event organisers are able to achieve commercial objectives using an innovative technology that integrates customer interactions across offline to online (O2O) platforms seamlessly.

In doing so, AIQ empowers brands and businesses to convert traffic generated from any physical, out-of-home media or marketing collaterals into real time conversions and customer engagement opportunities. Brand marketers can also choose to create experiential customer journeys or enhance brand loyalty with our solution that connects physical media to digital assets.

Brands and businesses are able to view and measure a full range of online data via a Client Dashboard displaying real-time customer interactions with offline / OOH assets to understand customer preferences within a single dashboard, enabling brand managers to select the most effective channels to engage clients or retain loyal customers.