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Bridging Offline & Online (O2O)

Using AIQ's Visual Recognition Technology (VRT), various channels can be integrated to create an omnichannel approach for a seamless interaction between offline and online content to cater to the modern consumer.

Visual Recognition for Video & Live Broadcast

We are the first in the market to enable video recognition for pre-recorded videos and Live TV. Other than simply measuring engagement through numbers, broadcasters and TV advertisers can interact with viewers directly and receive measurable responses.

Valuable Consumer Insights

Our customisable content management system (CMS) generates meaningful consumer insights, collecting real-time data when users interact with their offline content to measure campaign effectiveness and gain advantage in the marketplace.

Powered by Proprietary Visual Recognition Technology (VRT)

AIQ's Proprietary Visual Recognition Technology (VRT) is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and allows for instantaneous processing of videos and images, even if only 30 per cent of the video or image is captured.

AIQ is one of the companies who offer robust solutions coupled with innovative strategies that can help businesses succeed.

What is an O2O solution?

O2O is traditionally an acronym which stands for 'Online to Offline' in commerce, but we are redefining it - both offline to online and vice versa approaches are now possible with the technologies of today across various touch points, including print and out-of-home advertisements, TV advertisements and mobile apps that seek to engage the modern consumer.

AIQ develops bespoke AI solutions to address your business needs

We customise end-to-end solution in-house including :
Bespoke end-to-end solutions

We provide consultation and build in-house solutions to enable you to perform your business faster and more cost effectively.

Easy integration

Our technology can be easily integrated into your existing system.


Upon successful implementation, we will provide workshops and training sessions to your team.

Having emerged as one of the Top 25 Hottest APAC Artificial Intelligence Companies 2018, AIQ is presented the CIO Advisor Award for having exhibited excellence in delivering the one of the most useful AI solutions, in the Asia-Pacific region. The panel of judges comprised of the CIO Advisor editorial team.

They conducted extensive research to identify top AI providers poised to transform businesses which offer tailor-made and efficient AI solutions for enterprises. AIQ is presented the CIO Award for having offered robust solutions coupled with innovative strategies to help businesses succeed.

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