AIQ can enable both recorded and live TV programs , Magazines and Brands off-line contents with their mobile on-line target audience. 

AIQ offers the world’s fastest and most accurate “Live TV” visual recognition technology that connects your off-line contents to real-time “call to action” interactions with your audiences via the mobile and web devices.

Introducing IQNECT for VIdeo

The rise of social media has turned television into a participatory event where viewers can provide commentary and consumers can engage with brands. AIQ lets studios, broadcasters and advertisers develop cross-channel strategies that engage television viewers through shared media experiences.

AIQ’s video recognition technology enables viewers to unlock interactive second screen content and affiliate e/m-Commerce using your mobile app.

Second Screen Content
Expand the viewers TV experience by enabling them to unlock exclusive content and take a deeper dive into the brand experience. 

Viewers wondering where they can purchase products featured on a show, can point their mobile phone at the TV and be brought directly to point of purchase on their mobile phone.  

Viewers can now unlock interactive experiences with their favourite TV shows. Check in, participate in social media commentary or competitions around the show, or share your favourite content from the show with your peers.

Introducing IQNECT for Print

With static adspend figures in print and rising adspend figures in digital in recent years publishers have been diversifying into the digital space. Mobile adspend is now the fastest growing adspend medium and with AIQ publishers can tap into this new revenue stream by connecting their print magazines to digital extras and affiliate e/m-Commerce

AIQ mobile SDK or web Javascript directs magazine content to specific mobile content and affiliate e/m-Commerce, removing your reliance on search engines.


Every page in a magazine is now an opportunity to drive direct interaction and create new revenue streams for your magazine and your brands by connecting to point of purchase.

Exclusive Content

Increase reader interaction with exclusive and personalised secondary mobile content like video interviews, how-to-videos, behind the scenes footage, quizzes and competitions.

Social Media

Engage your readers with your brands story and leverage the social channels to increase the magnitude of that story.


AIQ’s image matching technology/SDK is a omni channel solution for; TV, magazines, billboards or any print material, that connects your offline content to your online content. Simply integrate AIQ’s mobile SDK in to your app or allow AIQ to build you a branded app allowing your users to scan any of your visual content and be brought online, closing the offline to online gap. 

Fast – 300 milliseconds

Accurate – More accurate than the human eye

Scalable – handles millions of users and images at one time

Intuitive – Simple to use


Understand the consumption habits of your users, what are they watching, what are they engaging with and what are they sharing with their peers.