A Seamless & Interactive O2O Experience

Having to deal with low ROI from your latest out-of-home (OOH) campaigns or traditional advertisements? AIQ’s video-image-chat solutions effectively enhances the efficiency of any out-of-home (OOH) promotions by enabling potential customers to interact with your brand content and messages at the convenience of their mobile devices. It all starts with a simple scan – in seconds, your OOH posters, videos and printed collaterals, will trigger your desired call-to-action from potential customers. Activate your brand’s experiential journey and bring your OOH content to a higher engagement level today.

Scan Videos & Images to Monetise Engagement Opportunities

Our solutions are tailored specially for people like you! Whether you’re an advertiser or publisher, AIQ’s VRT is sure to help convert your customers real-time interactions into revenue generation opportunities. Users can connect to m-Commerce sites instantaneously to make purchases, connect to social media pages, take part in contests and promotions, and even download coupons. These task driven motivations will effectively bring you a step closer to actual sales conversions.

Key Outcomes

High ROI from Campaigns

Customers will be re-directed to your contents and promotions, increasing the chances of lead conversions

Easy Monitoring of Campaigns

Manage and monitor your campaigns on-the-go while getting actionable insights from our data analytics

Increased Customer Service Quality

With direct interactions with individual customers via your branded chatbot and backend CMS, your brand will be recognised for better engagement and customer service

Ease of Implementation of Interactive Technology

Your Branded App

Licensed technology – Integration of AIQ’s SDK into your app

White Label

Fully-customised app development for your campaigns

Web Solution

Incorporating our technology into your browser

Integrating Chatbot Into Video/Image Interactions

Integrated chatbot with real-time messaging assistance available 24/7

Seamless User Experience

Hassle-free and easy-to-use app functionalities


Global Outreach

Scalable campaigns global-wide, across multiple channels

Valuable Insights

Understand customers’ preferences and behaviour

Build Brand Loyalty

Innovative customer interactions and engagements

Drives Traffic

Promotes call-to-action and drives conversions

“WOW” Experience

Interactive and engaging brand experience


Ease of collection of leads, increases accuracy and productivity

Green Initiative

Paperless – Reduces print and manpower costs


Innovative use of technology for contests, lucky draws and more

Make Customer Behavioural Data Work for You

Wondering how to maximise the ROI from your advertising? With AIQ’s video and computer visual recognition technology, you will be in the driver’s seat, having full access to our CMS which allows you to track and analyse the data of your customers’ shopping behaviour, based on their interactions with your advertisements. With access to valuable and specific customer insights, you are all set to make your OOH campaigns work smarter for you.