A Seamless & Interactive O2O Retailing Experience:

Having low ROI from traditional advertisements and promotions? AIQ’s proprietary technology Video-Image-Chat Solutions (VICS) can increase your sales and revenue, as our solution pushes the effectiveness of any retail campaign.

Your potential customers will find every advertising and retail message – from your brand visuals and window displays, to lightboxes, product demonstrations, and every point-of-sale material, totally interactive. Each of these interactions start simply with a scan of a smart phone. Your campaigns and promotions will yield better results as customers can scan your marketing materials, to access product information, product specifications and even product reviews. In this way, AIQ’s technology is able to drive your retail businesses 24/7, anytime, anywhere that your physical marketing materials are found, to enable online purchases quickly. Shopping and retail experiences can thus be augmented to best suit your customers’ preferences and needs.

Increase Sales & Brand Engagement with Scanned Videos and Images:

AIQ’s technology enables the retailers to create robust and interactive engagement platforms for shoppers to experience their products and services. Shoppers will be led in seconds to connect to m-commerce sites to make purchases, or connect to social media pages, and even take part in contests and promotions. Even promotions coupons and customer feedback forms can be downloaded. These task-driven motivations will effectively bring your retail business closer to actual sales conversions.

Key Outcomes

High ROI from Campaigns

 Shoppers will be re-directed to your contents and promotions, leading the chances of higher lead conversions.

Continuous Engagement

The technology increases the future traffic and the footfalls for purchase as the shoppers will be reminded of the products continuously through interactive experience leading to more sales conversions.

Incremental Sales

By tracking and analysing the consumer behaviour and preferences, the collected information can help the retailers boost their sales by increasing per receipt value and thus more leads can be achieved through the ultimate visual experience

Ease of Implementation of Interactive Technology

Your Branded App

Licensed technology – Integration of AIQ’s SDK into your app

White Label

Fully-customised app development for your campaigns

Web Solution

Incorporating our technology into your browser

Video Recognition and Computer Vision AI Technology

Integrated chatbot with real-time messaging assistance available 24/7

Seamless User Experience

Hassle-free and easy-to-use app functionalities



Cost effective

Advertising through VICS technology will help save money

Valuable customer insights

Understand customer’s buying preferences and shopping behaviour

Optimizing In-Store Operations

Analyzing usage pattern to set effective sales tactics and providing appealing design for their stores.

Drives Traffic through Automation

Promotes Call-To-Action and drives conversions which increases productivity

Build Brand Loyalty

Innovative customer interactions and engagements

Anticipate demand

Understanding consumer needs and preferences would be easier

Green Initiative

Paperless – Reduces print and manpower costs


Innovative use of technology for contests, lucky draws and more

Effective sales

Faster delivery with increase in revenue

Faster decision making

One place for your business solution

Make Customer Behavioural Data Work for You

Wondering how to maximise the ROI from your marketing campaigns? With AIQ’s video and computer visual recognition technology, you will be in the driver’s seat, having full access to our Client Dashboard for managing campaigns effectiveness. It allows you to track the usage pattern and analyse the buying preferences and shopping tendencies of your consumer’s behaviour, based on their interactions with your retail messages. With access to valuable and specific customer insights, you are all set to make your marketing campaigns work smarter for you.