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Singapore is Southeast Asia’s largest e-commerce market with more than 100 percent smartphone penetration rate.

Statistic Analysis

Intelligent machine learning algorithms can be used to mine data that can be compared and analysed to generate a recommended course of action which can be particularly helpful to personalise marketing tactics, detect fraud, data security and replace functions such as customer service with natural language processing (NLP). With this data, businesses will be able to identify gaps in business workflows and anticipate behavioral patterns to better plan for their next campaign or customer retention strategy.

Deep Learning with Video and Image Recognition Technology

Video and Image Recognition Technology builds on deep learning algorithms that recognise visual features of products by downloading hundreds to thousands of raw images of the targeted image. The accuracy of the system will improve on its own by self-adjustments and ‘experience’. A highly scalable technology that is versatile and can be implemented across many sectors, it can reduce menial work to seconds with accuracy that increases over time.

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