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Supercharged HISTORY Contest

Tune in to HISTORY and stand to WIN petrol vouchers! Each week, 3 winners will walk away with FREE petrol vouchers.


Watch Supercharged HISTORY

Singapore: Mondays 9pm - 10pm

Malaysia: Mondays 9.30pm - 10.30pm

Philippines: Sundays 10pm - 11pm


3 Petrol vouchers up for grabs weekly

Singapore: SGD100 per winner

Malaysia: MYR300 per winner

Philippines: PHP3000 per winner



  • Contest ends 9 Jan 2017
  • 3 sets of Petrol Vouchers will be given away weekly
  • Contest open to HISTORY subscribers in Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines only



By submitting an entry to the Contest,

(a) all participants (“Contestants”) agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions, which are deemed to include any further instructions provided by the Organisers which may be set out in the Contest website(s) and/or any Contest application(s) (if applicable). Any Contestant who fails to abide by any of these Terms and Conditions may be disqualified at the sole discretion of the Organiser.

(b) Contestants agree to receive publicity, marketing, promotional and advertising materials (“Marketing Materials”) from Organiser and its affiliated companies.  If the Contestant wants to stop receiving Marketing Materials, Contestants should follow the unsubscribe instructions in the Marketing Materials.

(c) Contestants agree that each winner of the Contest consents to (i) the public disclosure of his/her personal details and particulars including his/her name, image, appearance and any photographs submitted for the Contest for publicity or commercial purposes; (ii) participate in the publicity and promotional activities of Organiser in relation to the Contest; and (iii) the use by Organiser of any information or data provided by the winner for any future marketing efforts or other promotional purposes of Organiser in any media, without further notice or compensation.  Entry into the Contest and acceptance of the Prize shall be deemed as consent on the part of the winner for this purpose.



AETN Asia Pte Ltd



Supercharged History Contest


Eligibility Criteria

The Contest is open to residents of Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore only, and who are over the age of 18 years as of the date of commencement of the Contest Period.  All contestants must be a residential customer subscribed to HISTORY channel in Malaysia, Philippines and/or Singapore, and not have any outstanding bills with TV provider during the Contest Period and at the time of participation. The Organiser reserves the right to verify the eligibility of all Contestants. The Organiser has the absolute discretion at any time to determine the eligibility of any Contestant and reserves the right to disqualify any Contestant without any obligation to give any reason whatsoever.



Employees, representatives, servants, agents, sponsors, advertising or promotion agencies, suppliers of materials, prizes and services related to the Contest and/or other service providers of the Organiser (and its affiliated and related companies), including, for the avoidance of doubt, iQNECT, as well as their immediate family members (father, mother, brothers, sisters and children), their legal or common law spouse, and any persons residing with these employees, representatives and agents are NOT eligible to participate in the Contest.



Contestants are not required to pay or make any purchase in order to participate in this Contest.

Any internet charges incurred while participating in the Contest is the Contestant’s responsibility and is dependent on the Internet service provider used. The use of any automated entry software or any other mechanical or electronic means that allows a Contestant to automatically enter repeatedly is prohibited and will render all entries submitted by that Contestant invalid.


Contest Period

The Contest shall be held from 20 November 2016 to 11:59 pm on 9  January 2017 (“Contest Period”).

Contest is applicable during the “Supercharged History” timeslot on HISTORY Channel:
Every Monday 9:00pm – 10:00pm in Singapore
Every Monday 9:30pm– 10:30pm in Malaysia
Every Sunday 10:00pm– 11:00pm in Philippines (Excludes 25 December 2016)

The Organiser reserves the right to vary, postpone or re-schedule the Contest Period or any dates thereof at its sole discretion. Submissions received before the commencement of the Contest Period and after the stipulated Entry Deadline (as defined below) will not be considered by the Organiser. 


Entry Deadline

All entries during the Contest Period must be submitted between 9:00pm and 10:00pm every Monday for contestants in Singapore, 9:30pm and 10:30pm for contestants Malaysia, and between 10:00pm and 11:00pm every Sunday for contestants in Philippines.


Contest Language

The Contest will be run by the Organiser in English.


Entry/Submission Procedure

During the Contest Period, the Organiser will post one (1) question on the History Asia Contest site located in the iQNECT application (the “App”). To participate in the Contest, a contestant needs to download the iQNECT App, then tune in during Supercharged History timeslot on the HISTORY Channel, scan the cars featured in each episode of Counting Cars or Big Easy Motors using the iQNECT App, answer a question and submit requested particulars.

Contestants have to submit their answer to the question in the application.

Contestants are allowed to submit one entry each.

All details and particulars submitted must be true, accurate and complete, and may be verified by the Organiser. Any incomplete or incorrect information found in the entry will result in the disqualification of the entry.

Once submitted, all entries become the absolute property of the Organiser. Contestants who wish to withdraw their participation in the Contest thereafter can submit a written request to the Organiser at digital.asia@aenetworks.com. The Organiser accepts no responsibility for any entries that are lost, illegible, incomplete or altered and all such entries shall be disqualified. Confirmation of sending an entry via the Internet is not proof of entry nor does it constitute receipt.

The Organiser reserves the right to reject/disqualify any entries that contain any obscene, profane, offensive, lewd, pornographic or otherwise inappropriate information or material, and to decline publication of any photograph(s) uploaded, or to edit any catch-phrase title or description which is deemed to be obscene, profane, offensive, lewd, pornographic or otherwise inappropriate. The Organiser is under no obligation to enter into discussion with any Contestant over their entry submission.


Selection of Winner

3 winners will be selected per week based on the quality and creativity of the answer except for the week of December 25 where only 2 winners will be selected.  The organizer reserves the right to select a winner based on geography or country of origin.
The Contest is a game of skill and not of chance and all Contestants must use their knowledge, skill and creativity in order to win.
The winner of the Contest shall be determined by the Organiser in its sole discretion, and its decision shall be final. No correspondence or discussion will be entered into with Contestants concerning the results. The Organiser reserves the right to select another winner in its sole discretion if it has reasonable grounds to believe that the selected winner has breached or contravened any of these Terms.



Each winner will receive vouchers, redeemable for petrol.

Further details on the above (including any additional terms and conditions) will be confirmed at a later stage.

The Prize is as stated, and is non-transferrable, non-refundable and non-exchangeable for cash, credit or any other benefit in-kind. If due to circumstances beyond the Organiser’s control, the Organiser is unable to provide the stated Prize, the Organiser reserves the right to change the Prize for any reason whatsoever without prior notice. The Prize may be subject to third party terms and conditions – including the requirements to obtain any and all travel visas - for which the Organiser is not responsible or liable.

Prior to receiving the Prize, the winner may be required to sign a release form, which could include, amongst other things, a written acknowledgement of acceptance of all the Terms and Conditions of the competition, and a release of liability.

The winner shall be responsible at its sole cost and expense (and no responsibility or liability shall be assumed by the Organiser in respect of the same) for any and all travel visas and/or other requirements necessary in connection with any travel awarded as part of the Prize.


Notification of winners

The weekly winner of the Contest will be notified via email or phone by within 2 weeks from the weekly contest submission deadline (the “Notification”), and such winner shall be allocated the Prize at the sole discretion of the Organiser.

The selected winner will be required to respond to the Organiser acknowledging receipt of the Notification within three (3) working days of the Notification, failing which, that winner will be deemed to have forfeited the prize and the Organiser will proceed to select another winning entry.


Collection Details

Details will be revealed to the selected winner at a later stage.


Intellectual Property Rights

Each Contestant hereby represents and warrants that it has the right and authority to enter into the Contest and to submit any attached photographs, images, text and any other information which is required in connection with their entry. Each Contestant hereby consents and assigns to Organiser the right in perpetuity to use, publish and otherwise reproduce, modify and display any such photographs, images, text and any other information that is submitted in connection with the Contest, including the Contestant’s name and likeness/image, without further notice or compensation, at Organiser’s sole discretion, including in any advertising, publicity and promotional materials and events related to the Contest, and otherwise on any of Organiser’s, iQNECT’s, and/or associated, affiliated and subsidiary company’s, or the relevant sponsor’s, advertising agency’s, or distributor’s  website and on-air on any of the television channel(s) owned and/or operated by Organiser, or for any other purpose whatsoever throughout the world in perpetuity.

Each Contestant hereby releases Organiser, iQNECT, and each of their associated, affiliated and subsidiary companies and any/all other sponsors, advertising agencies or distributors, from any and all claims that the Contestant may at any time have in connection with the use of such materials including without limitation, any and all claims for libel and/or invasion of privacy, infringement of any intellectual property or other rights.

Each Contestant represents and warrants that the materials submitted with their entry do not infringe any intellectual property rights (including, but not limited to, copyrights) or other rights of any third parties and each Contestant agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Organiser and its associated, affiliated and subsidiary companies, and each of its respective sponsors, advertising agencies and distributors, against all claims, damages, liabilities, costs and expenses arising out of the use of such materials.


Privacy Notice

Organiser will collect each Contestant’s personal information submitted when entering the Contest, as required in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. Organiser may use this personal information to properly administer the Contest and/or Prize.

Organiser will use each Contestant’s personal information as explained in these Terms and Conditions and/or to properly administer and provide the Prize.  Organiser may share the winner’s personal information with relevant third parties (e.g. iQNECT, and/or any third party service providers such as retailers, travel companies and courier companies), as may be necessary to administer the Contest and provide the Prize.

No data sent over the Internet is entirely secure and therefore is sent is at Contestants’ own risk and may be read by others.  However, once Organiser receives Contestants’ personal information, Organiser will use strict procedures to protect the security of Contestants’ personal information.

The personal information will be sent to and stored by Organiser and/or Organiser’s subcontractors in Singapore and/or the USA in order to carry out the activities described in this Privacy Notice.

Should any Contestant have any queries on how their personal information is being collected, used and/or disclosed, they can refer to the privacy policy located at http://www.historyasia.com/privacy-policy, or submit a written request to info.asia@aenetworks.com.  


Release and Indemnity

The Organiser and any/all other sponsors and associated entities are not liable for any damage, loss, accident, injury and/or inconvenience arising in any way that may be suffered by, or caused to any Contestant and/or his/her properties arising out of their participation in the Contest or any contest-related activities or a breach of any of the Terms and Conditions set out herein.

In addition, the winner(s) of the Contest hereby releases and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Organiser and its associated, affiliated and subsidiary companies, and each of its respective sponsors, advertising agencies and distributors against any and all costs, liabilities, expenses, damages, demands or disputes arising out of or in connection with the Contest.


Additional Terms

By participating in this Contest, Contestants hereby represent and warrant that all information submitted in connection with their entry is true, current and complete. The Organiser may, in its sole and absolute discretion, refuse to accept any entry for any person or persons without giving any reason at any time and entrants agree that no liability shall attach to the Organiser as a result thereof and that the exercise of such discretion shall not result in any compensation being payable or paid to any Contestant.  In any event, an entry shall be disqualified where: a) the Organiser has reasonable grounds to believe that the Contestant has breached any of these Terms and Conditions; or b) it is not received by the Organiser in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

The Organiser’s decision is final with respect to any aspect of the Contest, including, without limitation, the determination of the winners. No correspondence will be entered into with regard to any of the Organiser’s decisions.
The Organiser shall not be held liable for (i) any delay in performing or partial or total failure to perform any of its obligations to Contestants under these Terms and Conditions if such delay or failure is caused by circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the Organiser, including without limitation delays, changes, disruptions, cancellations, diversions or substitutions howsoever caused including without limitation as a result of war, terrorist action or threatened terrorist action, strikes, hostilities, civil commotions, accidents, fire, flood or natural catastrophes or arising without limitation out of or in connection with (a) the activities of third party event organisers; (b) any form of transportation (including but not limited to flights, trains, coaches, buses, ferries, taxis or cars); and/or (c) by third parties providing the prize or any aspect of it.

The Organiser reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions from time to time without prior notice and all Contestants shall be deemed to agree to abide by such amendments. It is a condition of entry that all rules are accepted as final and that the Contestants agree to abide by these Terms and Conditions.

In the event of any inconsistency between these Terms and Conditions and any brochures, marketing or promotional materials relating to this Contest, these Terms and Conditions shall prevail.

Each Contestant is fully responsible for ensuring that his/her participation in the Contest is lawful in accordance with the laws of his/her respective countries of residence. Neither Organiser nor its associated, affiliated and subsidiary companies nor any of its sponsors, advertising agencies or distributors shall be taken to make any representations, express or implied, as to the lawfulness of any Contestant’s participation.

No information or materials from the Contest may be reproduced in any format without prior written consent from Organiser.

As far as permitted by law, excluding liability for personal injury or death arising from negligence, Organiser excludes all liability in connection with the Contest or any Prize awarded or not awarded in connection with the Contest.

These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Singapore.  The application of the Contract (Rights of Third Parties) Act (Cap. 53B) is expressly excluded. All Contestants shall be deemed to have agreed to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Singapore Courts.

If any provision in these Terms and Conditions are held to be illegal, invalid or unenforceable, in whole or in part, such provision shall be unenforceable only to the extent of the illegality or invalidity, without invalidating the remaining provisions which shall continue in full force and effect.

This Contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook. Contestants understand that they are providing their information to the Organiser and not to Facebook. The information entrant Contestant provides via the Facebook page for the Contest will only be used for the purposes outlined in these Terms and Conditions. Any questions, comments or complaints about this Contest must be directed to the Organiser and not to Facebook. Facebook shall not be liable for any loss or damage or personal injury suffered or sustained by an entrant, as a result of participating in the Contest (including the use of the Prize), except for any liability which cannot be excluded by law.