Singaporean startup AIQ redefines ‘O2O’ with Image and Video Recognition Technology

  • Moving beyond the QR code with image and video recognition technology for mobile apps
  • Connecting the ‘offline’ realities and ‘online’ mobile experience to engage the consumers of today with omni-channel solutions powered by computer vision & Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Innovation for retail, insurance, healthcare industries to tackle business challenges

SINGAPORE, October 2017 – Singaporean startup AIQ is redefining the ‘O2O’ acronym by making it a conundrum – bridging the gap between offline and online to create a seamless omni-channel approach by simply integrating image or video scanning capabilities into mobile applications.

As Singapore is progressively moving towards being a Smart Nation and cashless society, AIQ is reaching out to both traditional and multi-channel retailers to support them in digitising their businesses. Solutions include connecting brick-and-mortar stores and any offline marketing collaterals, including TV advertisements and out-of-home (OOH) media, to their mCommerce sites or rewards-based mobile apps to engage customers using computer vision; as well as fashion search powered by computer vision and deep learning – simply take a photo of an outfit on a mobile app, and it will search for similar pieces online.

“Disruption has been relentless for retail. It is a little bit of an irony, but technology will make brick-and-mortar relevant again as the consumers of today, the millennials and upcoming Gen Zees, crave meaningful brand experiences which can be achieved by connecting their realities and mobile screens. Many (retailers) have already adopted multi-channels, having both retail stores and e-commerce platforms, but they operate in different silos and tend to different groups of customers – sometimes cannibalising each other,” said Marcus Tan, Chief Executive Officer of AIQ.

“By leveraging on emerging technologies such as image and video recognition which can easily be integrated into branded apps, users can scan to make cashless payments, connect to social media pages or micro-sites, download coupons to a mobile wallet, watch exclusive behind-the-scenes videos, subscribe to a newsletter or even vote for a candidate in a singing competition – the possibilities are endless and simple to execute.”

Enabling both image and video recognition, visual search technology will be able to translate any offline content to online and mobile, creating endless possibilities for broadcasters, publishers, advertisers, retailers and other industries to bring brand messages to life, engaging audiences more effectively and making consumer behaviour measurable.

Other than O2O brand engagement, image and video recognition can also be used for business purposes such as inventory management, customer relationship management, insurance and healthcare; eliminating processes to tackle workflow challenges and help traditional businesses adopt innovation amidst a tight labour market.

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