Keat Hong Community Club makes history come alive

Making experiences convenient and interactive

Keat Hong Community Club

Keat Hong Community Club launched the Keat Hong mobile app as a revolutionary way to increase customer engagement by providing a smart and interactive visual layer to the residents’ interactions at the community club.

Using AIQ’s Video and Image Recognition Technology, Keat Hong Community Club is transformed into a smart community club. AIQ’s technology allows visitors to access online features via their smart devices with the convenience of downloading the Keat Hong App and start scanning.


Keat Hong Community Club aims to educate residents on its founding and history via an interactive experience of scanning images at the residents’ convenience and desire to interact with their residents at a deeper level.

Utilising AIQ’s video and image recognition technology, visitors can even scan ‘live’ videos displayed on outdoor digital panels which leads to Keat Hong’s YouTube channel, scan posters and digital kiosks to view photos and read about the heritage of the community club as well as register for courses and events respectively.



Keat Hong Community Club received over 600 interactions with their interactive campaigns

Event Engagement

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong was presented with the Keat Hong mobile app
Higher level of interest with 320 people scanning to find out about the history of Keat Hong Community Club

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