Insight Vacations transcends travel experiences

Tap on the tool of gamification to build brand-customer interactions


Insight Vacations is always innovating to offer guided vacations to the world’s best destinations. With AIQ’s Visual Recognition Technology (VRT), Insight Vacations is able to include authentic insights into every destination.

The brand is looking at creating brand exposure and presence by generating new leads when visitors use their IV40 app. The IV40 app serves as gamification tool to attract more customers to participate in activities held during NATAS 2018 and Travel Revolution 2018.


Insight Vacations is the first travel company in Southeast Asia to adopt AIQ’s Visual Recognition Technology (VRT) to allow customers to win instant prizes when they visit their travel fairs.

Customers are encouraged to download the IV40 branded app and point their phones to the booth images at the fair to win prizes, enjoy savings or request for more information.

With the convenience of AIQ’s VRT, Insight Vacations also managed to tap on the tool of gamification to allow their customers to scan and register for the on-site lucky draw campaign held during the fair. It was a quick and seamless process of gathering participation for the lucky draw.



Insight Vacations received over 1,500 interactions with their interactive campaigns

Engage NATAS and Travel Revolutions Fairs Visitors

300% more leads than previous event
360 new leads generated at a high conversion rate of 24%

With AIQ’s technology, Insight Vacations garnered substantial recognition with key media features on Channel 8 News, The New Paper and other travel media.

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