AIQ is shaping the future of brands and how they can interact with their user base, using Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning technology to unlock and to enhance new customer experiences, creating new advertising revenue with enhanced audience insights. 

AIQ is built on deep machine learning capabilities in computer vision technology that enables industry partners to make wiser and better decisions with structured and unstructured data.  Our suite of visual and machine learning technology solutions can be integrated with all leading industry platforms such as JDA, SAP to enable time consuming manual processes be automated for better business efficiency.

Deep Learning Solutions

AIQ are specialists in an advanced form of AI that can be deployed to solve hard problems like fraud detection, advertising placement, pattern recognition, text analysis, database prediction and much more.

AIQ's solutions include;

Planos – AIQ’s Vision and Deep Machine Solution for the Retail Planogram

Interverto -  AIQ’s Premium Deep Learning Solution specially built for the Insurance Industry to detect Fraud Acquisitions

Medicus – AIQ’s Vision Learning Endoscopy and Colonoscopy Solution for Medical professionals

Vendi – AIQ’s Data Machine Learning Advertising Technology solution for Advertisers, Publishers, DMP and Ad Exchanges