Our fashion purchases are inspired by what we see around us; in magazines, on tv, online or what our peers wear. With 65% of online searches beginning on a smartphone AIQ’s fashion search enables you to instantly snap a picture of your fashion inspiration and shop the look. 

Introducing iQNECT for Fashion

Photograph an outfit in a magazine, on a billboard, in a shop window or use online images of your favourite celebrities or clothes to find and buy similar.


Photograph a magazine, a billboard or other images of celebrities or clothes to find where to buy similar.

Take a picture of mannequins, clothes or imagery in stores to access online alternatives online.

Enable readers of fashion sites to shop similar styles.

Shop the look from your favourite TV characters and shows.

How does it work    

AIQ’s fashion search perform reverse image search, allowing users to uploaded images of fashion items instead of keywords. Our deep learning image recognition technology searches our affiliate network of fashion brands e-Retailers and returns similar images by detecting clothing type, colour, pattern, style and many other attributes.


Faster - path to purchase

Intuitive – user-friendly browsing experience

Accurate – best fashion search on the market

Results - Increase click-through rate



Discover the latest and seasonal trends and understand what demographics attracts specific fashion trends.