Client Portal Overview

Make your marketing materials scannable with AIQ’s Intelligent Visual Solutions. Our easy to use content management system (CMS) allows you to seamlessly make your content from images to videos interactable. With AIQ’s Intelligent Visual Recognition Technology, we transform the way offline content is being consumed by bridging O2O (offline to online) media properties.

• Call to action

Get immediate response from your reader or viewer. Improved market response rate to the ad copy or video content, and improved top of mind recall.

• Various points of interaction

Promote Omni-channel interaction, Customers can connect to a purchase, social media pages, take part in contests and surveys, play video advertisements, or download mobile coupons.

• Measurable

Measure the effectiveness of your traditional marketing campaign. Understand what works and what doesn’t. Collect Visual Analytics and customer data. Transform your offline content which are once unmeasurable and non interactive.

• Increase customer loyalty

Build up loyalty with your customers. Giving your customers a consistent experience with your brand. Enables brand recognition as they consistently interact with your brand.

AIQ’s Intelligent Visual Technology empowers your customers with the ability to interact with your brand, anywhere, any time of the day.

Starting your AIQ Account

Before you can begin using AIQ’s account, you must first set up your AIQ’s Admin account.

1. If your account is not set up, you would need to sign up for one:

2. You would receive an authentication email to activate account for usage.

Note: Your account will only be able to access to the main functionalities upon validation by our administrator.

Log in AIQ Admin Account

1. Begin by clicking on the following link and logging into the account with your Email Address and Password Portal ID:

- Portal ID:

Note: You may wish to bookmark this address as this URL is what provides you access to the CMS System.

2. Once you are successfully logged in to the CMS system. You will be brought to the dashboard page. The side navigation menu showcases the different functionalities, which will be explained in the following sections.

2. If your account is not set up, you would need to sign up for one:

3. You would receive an authentication email to activate account for usage.

Note: Your account may able browse our CMS system and not be able to use the main functionality until is validated by our administrator.

4. Once you are successfully logged into the CMS system. You will be brought to the dashboard page. The Side navigation menu allows you to have different functionality, we would explain each function in details.


The Dashboard provides an overview of your account. It allow managers to monitor the current state of accounts.

1. Your subscription expire due date would be published on the top 1 month prior to expiry.

Note: Your marketing materials will not be scannable and interactable once your subscription has expired.

2. Oversee the number of assets and the limits can put into the system based on your subscription.

3. The dashboard also gives you a summary of the performance of the campaigns based on the number of interactions(scans) and Visual Analytics of your users such as gender.

Managed Apps

The managed apps function allows your developers to authenticate your brand’s app to enable the AIQ's scanning function within the app.

1. To add an app, click on "Add App" button.

2. A pop up window will be displayed. You may name your app and choose to enable or disable the scanning function. Check the active checkbox to enable and uncheck the active checkbox to disable the scanning function.

An app ID and app secret will be generated once the "Save" button is clicked. Developers can then use the credentials and include it into the app.

3. Under resources in the managed app page. You can find the SDK page for both iOS and Android. The installation instructions are in the GitHub page. Simply followed the instructions to embed the SDK in your app.

Managed Users

The managed users function allows the admin to create and add users into the account and enable privilege rights. The table below showcases the permissions of each roles.

1. To add users, click on "tab". Note: only admin can add users.

A pop up window will be displayed. In this pop up window, the admin can enable other users to be admin. Users must be set to active in order for them to log into the CMS system.

Click "Save" and the user will be created.

Managed Accounts

Managed account allows admin and users to insert their marketing materials into our CMS system. Users can segregate their assets into different account for better management and monitoring of their campaigns. Users can choose to upload image, PDF or video assets

Click on the "Add/Manage Account" tab on the left panel.

1.2 - Editing/Adding Account/Brand

Select existing account/brand or create a new account/brand by clicking on "Add Account".

Enter your desired Account/Brand name and upload Account/Brand image according to the specified image guidelines. (Width: 640px min, Height 480px min)

1.3 - Creating Image Campaign

Create a new image campaign by clicking on "New Campaign"

Enter Campaign title and Target URL and click on "Create Brand".

1.4 - Creating Campaign Trigger

After you have created or selected your campaign, choose the Media Assets.

For uploading of image, select
For uploading of PDF, select
For uploading of video, select

Next, click on "Add new Trigger" under the Triggers panel on the right.

Click Image trigger type, upload image according to image guidelines (Minimum Resolution: 640 x 480) and URL (Landing page for trigger).

Trigger Approval

Before a trigger is scannable, only admin user can approve the trigger before it goes live.

Once a trigger is approved, it will go live and the assets will be scannable using the app.