America’s Got Talent works to engage customers

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America’s Got Talent works to engage customers

On average 88% of viewers are on a second device while watching television. RTL CBS wanted to leverage this second screen phenomenon and capture viewers’ full attention by creating a new experience for the viewers at home, enabling them to engage directly with the show through their second device.


Capitalising on viewers' second screen habits by creating engaging second screen content for them to interact with using their mobile smart devices. Viewers were encouraged to download the app and point their phones at the screen while America's Got Talent was being aired to unlock prizes, exclusive content, shop-able experiences and entertaining quizzes.

A lucky draw campaign was used to encourage app installs. To win, users were required to interact with the show and its content. The app would function as a real-time carousel.



America's Got Talent received 12,331 interactions with their campaign.

Breakdown of viewer engagement rates

Prizes : 44%
Exclusive Content : 14%
Shop the Look : 42%

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