About AIQ

About AIQ

Founded in 2014, AIQ Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based software company with its proprietary Video Recognition and Computer Vision AI Technology. AIQ offers a multi-channel solution which bridges the offline to online (O2O) gap by integrating customer interactions. This integration take place through just a single scan of their smartphones.

Our Board of Directors comprises experienced professionals from the financial, media, mobile-tech and travel industries.  AIQ Pte Ltd is also the majority owner of a tech-themed co-working space, The Carrot Patch, where the AIQ office is located.


About Our Technology

AIQ’s technology offers a multi-channel solution that is set to revitalise the traditional media landscape.  With our solution, brands, businesses and event organisers are able to achieve commercial objectives using an innovative technology that integrates customer interactions across offline to online (O2O) platforms seamlessly.

As an AI-powered ‘interactive’ technology, our solution can be used across all media – from print to billboard ads to banners as well as digital signages, video walls and television.  Brands and businesses can choose to guide their customers’ experiential or buying journeys easily either from inside their apps or using a web browser.

Brand marketers can also choose to create experiential customer journeys or enhance brand loyalty in this manner. With our proprietary computer vision AI solution connecting physical media to digital assets, every media channel can become actionable from within a branded environment, giving consumers one single UX for multiple engagements across all physical media.

Brands and businesses are able to view and measure a full range of real time data via a Client Dashboard where customer interactions and behaviour with branded OOH assets, videos and live TV are captured within a single dashboard, enabling brand managers to select the most effective channels to engage clients or retain loyal customers.


Marcus Tan

CEO / Board Director

Loo Kian Wai

CFO / Board Director

Alvin Ling


Leslie Goh

Board Director

Jeffrey Seah

Board Director