About AIQ

Founded in 2014, AIQ is a computer vision solutions company powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Our Video and Image Recognition Technology allows for instantaneous processing of videos and images, even if only 30 percent of the video or image is captured. We seek to assist retailers and brands to connect information in the physical space to the wealth of information online.

AIQ’s technology also provides real-time analytics whereby consumers’ offline behaviour are being captured and linked to online data. With that, consumers will be able to view and measure a full range of statistics via a Customer Management System (CMS) that displays real-time consumer interaction with offline assets. This will assist retailers in understanding customer preferences when it comes to selecting the most effective channels to engage them.

AIQ’s earliest client project with Insight Vacations featured the application of our Video and Image Recognition Technology incorporated into the travel agency’s IV40 app for visitors to interact with the booth images during the NATAS and Travel Revolution fairs held from 23 to 25 March 2018. Till date, the various client projects which we’ve worked with have proven our standing in the MICE, retail and OOH industries. By connecting physical content to the digital platform, AIQ sets itself to be the kickstarter of the green initiative whereby we assist retailers and brands in reducing their printing and overhead costs.


Marcus Tan

CEO / Board Director

Loo Kian Wai

CFO / Board Director

Khang Toh


Alvin Ling


Leslie Goh

Board Director

Jeffrey Seah

Board Director