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O2O technology

Our intuitive image and video matching technology is best in-class. AIQ boasts the fastest (300milliseconds), most accurate (more accurate than the human eye), scalable (can process millions of users and images) and user friendly visual recognition system in the world.

Customisable Campaigns

Our technology is highly customisable, and can either be integrated into branded apps that are already in the market or create your own by re-skinning AIQ's own app with your brand logo.

Proprietary Image Matching & Video Recognition

Reality is now scannable. With our proprietary image and video recognition technology, your customers will be able to scan offline assets from out-of-home (OOH) advertisements to product packaging.

Brand Engagement

It is a proven fact that millennials, the largest and most powerful shopper demographic in recent times, value brand experience over price point and promotions. Brick-and-mortar can continue to be relevant by integrating our technology to connect multi-channels for an omni-channel strategy to reach out and engage the shoppers of today.

Get Insights

Customer interaction with offline assets is now measurable. Using a content management platform, you will be able to view full range of statistics displaying real-time customer interaction with your offline assets and the channel they choose to engage with your brand.

Innovative solutions for your client's campaigns

Manage your campaign easily.

Manage multiple campaigns with our content management system

Up to 100,000 images and 5 hours of video

Live Streaming

Real time analytics and actionable insights of multiple campaigns

Industries using our O2O technology


Using O2O technology to enhance the shopping experience.

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Breathe life into advertising using O2O technology.

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Using O2O technology for LiveTV and TV advertisements.

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Adding value with publishing.

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