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AIQ is the seamless merger of Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Intelligence Quotient (IQ). The company aims to transform the way offline content is being consumed by bridging O2O (offline to online) media properties with its latest cutting-edge Carrot Visual Technology where various platforms and channels can be integrated, allowing seamless interaction between consumers and online & offline content. This technology empowers consumers with the ability to interact with their favourite brand’s products, anywhere, any time of the day. At AIQ, we redefine the way brands engage with customers because, we can.

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Joe Marten
Chairman / Board Director
Marcus Tan
CEO / Board Director
Leslie Goh
Board Director
Jeffrey Seah
Board Director
Johan Kremer
VP, Solution Sales & Product Management
Loo Kian Wai
Crystal Lee
Finance & HR Executive
Jerry Tan
VP, Creative & Marketing Services
Wang Sisong
IT Architecture Director
Kallis Chen
Marketing Director
Serynn Guay
Marketing & PR Manager
Chris Yang
Business Ops Executive
Eric Ang
Sales Director
Sherry Foo
Business Director, Solution Sales
Winnie Ng
Business Development Manager
Melissa Ho
Media Sales Manager
Marina Musa
Senior UI/UX Designer
Lionel Ong
Senior Graphic Designer
Vincent Liu
IT Manager
Chua Norman
IT Administrator
Redi Tibuludji
Senior Software Engineer
Zhao Haitao
Senior Software Engineer
Huang Li Yi
Senior Software Engineer
Agus Kurniawan
Senior Backend Developer
Kelvin Tan
Backend Developer
An Tran
Deep Learning Scientist
Our office is located at
The Carrot Patch
201 Henderson Road #02-09 Singapore 159545
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Cultivating a smart community

The Carrot Patch adheres to a strict principle of putting its people first and nurturing talent is our utmost priority.

A recurring motif throughout the business, the Carrot is versatile, nutritious and signifies vibrancy, hope and wisdom - important elements to making businesses work. A eureka moment from the brilliant minds of AIQ, an artificial intelligence and computer vision company, led to the birth of The Carrot Patch. With ample resources, tools and an expert panel in place, The Carrot Patch is the hotbed of success because, we know what is good for you.

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