Transform Your Business with Video Image Chat Solutions (VICS)

Just by interacting with a particular visual, AIQ’s Video and Image Recognition Technology is able to connect offline media to an online interactive platform. Coupled with a chatbot, we are able to offer companies and brands more personalised customer interactions along with more streamlined processes when it comes to business dealings.


Drive conversions through seamless connection between physical media and the digital platform


Have your offline visuals come alive through Video and Image Recognition Technology


Collate and analyse real-time data to gauge effectiveness of physical-to-digital (P2D) campaign

How Does It Benefit Your Business

Enhancing Customer Interactions

Engage! Chat and Sell immediately!

Redefining Customer Experiences

Interactive brand showcasing like never

Enabling Smooth Transactions

Through our customer-centric app design

Connecting Offline to Online Journeys

Continuity between physical and digital

Increasing Conversions

Inspiring audience engagements & purchases

Generating Leads

Supports marketing & sales ROI

Automating Marketing Functions

Easy-to-use CMS & unified marketing communications

Gathering Quick Market Responses

Scan & Shop using any mobile device, anywhere

Paper-Saving and Environmentally Friendly

Maximising resources in B2B, MICE & Entertainment industries

Potential Interactions

Potential Interactions


  • Website
  • Survey
  • Video
  • Contest
  • Freebies
  • Coupon
  • Vote
  • Chatbot
  • M-commerce
  • Social media