Question 1: I'm interested in trying these tools. What technology do I need to have to get started?

You don't need anything other than digital content that you can upload to our website. Digital content includes images, PDFs and videos.

Question 2: What kind of objects do you recognize?

Most types of objects can be identified with our Image Recognition technology. Generic objects lacking unique distinctive features, or objects that don't have markings such as a blank wall, are not suitable for image recognition.

Question 3: How can I improve poor recognition results?

You need to make sure that the images you upload are good quality images to get the best results. Generally images with good definition and well-lit give the best results.

Question 4: Which mobile platforms does AIQ support?

AIQ currently supports both iOS and Android platforms through natively built SDKs.

Question 5: What is a payload?

A payload is a mobile web page that is normally displayed via mobile web browser. Think of AIQ as having series of triggers (vision, video, etc) that links objects, logos, videos, etc to an URL.

Question 6: How do I create a payload?

Your digital agency or web team can create web interfaces for your marketing campaigns.

Question 7: What happens if my payload does not appear?

There may be a problem with the image you have uploaded, so the brand trigger may not be recognized. Send us an enquiry and we'll be to assist with any difficulties you may experience.

Question 8: Does AIQ work with non-planar object?

The Image Recognition component works with any object, regardless of its real world geometry, by design. The technology is engineered to recognize not only planar objects such as book covers, but also 3D objects such as cans and bottles.
For Augmented Reality experiences, the tracking of the real world object assumes that the object is flat (such as postcard or a billboard). We suggest not augmenting objects that are not planar.

Question 9: Do you perform Optical Character Recognition (OCR)?

No. Currently we do not perform Optical Character Recognition (OCR) of the image text.

Question 10: Do you recognize faces?

No. We have focused our development efforts on recognizing objects with a specific pattern or texture.

Question 11: What is a mobile SDK?

It is a software developer kit, and is used to install our vision system into another client app.

Question 12: Where can I download your mobile SDK?

You can download our SDK at the following URLs:
Android SDK

Question 13: Do you support turning on camera flash?

There is no need to use your camera flash but the application can use the flash for its query image if it is turned on by default.

Question 14: Do you support cross-domain policy?

Yes, we support cross-domain policy. The SDK contains a native web browser that supports cross-domain. With that said, iOS does not support Flash thus the browser contained does not support it.

Question 15: Do you support Flash/Flex/Action script?

iOS does not support Flash/Flex/Action script. Android supports these but only through use of player extensions or plugins.
A majority of mobile web developers using our platform have chosen to deliver their code in HTML5 or with Javascript animations.

Question 16: Can I run the app in simulation mode?

Yes, you can execute vision queries via Xcode and Android simulators. If you would like to test new campaigns via access to our development servers, please contact support@aiq.tech

Question 17: Do you distinguish objects based on colour?

No, we do not. We use a holistic set of feature extractors with full set of features/vectors to perform our recognition.

Question 18: How long does it take to recognise an object?

Our service performs the recognition within less than 500 ms. The total recognition round-trip depends on your network bandwidth. Normally on Wi-Fi and 4G you get the results within 600-800 ms. On 3G the round-trip varies from 1 to 2 seconds.

Question 19: Do you provide access to query images?

All query images are being saved. Currently you cannot access them via our APIs but you can view it on the dashboard.

Question 20: Can I upload images directly from URLs?

No. Currently you must upload the actual image file through AIQ Dashboard.

Question 21: How can I contact Customer Support?

You can contact customer support via email at support@aiq.tech