Image/Video recognition demo

To test the API, use the image and video below to scan and test your calls to the API and view live responses from the server if it returns any result. if it works, you have successfully implemented the SDK, built the app using our sdk.

1. Test the image

Point the scanner at the images below to test if it returns any results. The two image would return a different set of URL.

Image 1

Image 2

2. Test the video

Point the scanner at the video while it is playing below to test if it returns any results. You can try to scan at different frames of the video.

3. Troubleshooting

If your app does not work as expected with a valid return, below are a few problems may encounter and need to check:

3.1 Ensure your app ID and app secret is valid

App ID and App Secret

AppID: 5f61ed2c19e734ca4cf29aa7413dc2ec5bd7e1fb3882cdb1db
Secret: 15d674e0308a6d05838ca10b64c087d6287b45406137a459581a4b7bc6c1f445

3.2. Ensure you are using Staging sever, see the initialization of the SDK in quick start guide.

3.3. Make sure your camera is cleared and pointed clearly at the image.